About Cascadia WIldlands

Cascadia Wildlands

Cascadia Wildlands defends and restores Cascadia’s wild ecosystems in the forests, in the courts, and in the streets. It  work in the Cascadia bioregion (within the US) where threats to wild places and wildlife are highest. The Cascadia bioregion is the forest zone extending along the Pacific Coast from northern California to south-central Alaska.

Cascadia Wildlands envisions vast old-growth forests, rivers full of wild salmon, wolves howling in the backcountry, a stable climate, and vibrant communities sustained by the unique landscapes of the Cascadia bioregion.

Cascadia Wildlands began in 1998 when a group of passionate students and community members decided to take action against rampant clearcutting in Oregon’s Cascades and Coast Range. Since then Cascadia Wildlands has grown into a regional conservation leader. Though grassroots organizing, policy work and litigation, we have protected tens of thousands of acres of wildlands and prevented endangered species from reaching extinction.